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The SCE Multiply Material has been specifically developed for cookware manufacturing, with a special focus on drawing process, stamping and polishing.

· Easy forming, drawing and stamping (low roping lines),

· Homogenous surfaces, stable and constant through the time,

· Fast and stable polishing and lapping,

· Low defects rate,

· Homogeneous edges, etc…


Production Process

Steel Crafts Multi-ply material
is specially designed and manufactured to achieve the highest heat conductivity, durability, induction compatibility and most importantly ease of processing. Processed and manufactured to specific orders SCE can customize its multi-ply material according to customer’s specifications.

SCE Multi-ply material is suitable for a variety of different applications in various industries such as:

a. House ware/Kitchen ware: Multi-ply Cookware. (Fry pans, sauce pot, stock pot, pressure cooker etc.)
b. Electrical appliances: Teppan Griddle, Heating Elements.
c. Automotive industries: Bumpers.
d. Chemical industries: Heat Exchanger Plates.

Sheet Rolling Line 1,450,000 pieces annually

R&D Laboratory
Mounting Press Machine, Grinding Machine, Cutting Machine, Hardness Test Machine, Separate Force Test Machine, Hydraulic Deep Drawing Machine, Microscope Devices

Our Material Advantages
1)Imported Japanese first grade stainless steel
2) High drawing ratio (>0.5)
3) Softer material than competitors. Low hardness (HV) index
4) S/S430 material: Light roping line after drawing
5) Enables good and efficient polishing results & reduces polishing time (approximately 20%)
6) Low defect/reject rate (<2%)
7) The even Lip
8) Low temperate process

Quality Assurance
Steel Crafts clad material assures the highest level of quality through its stringent quality control. Through individual tests which simulates all aspects of clad material usage such as drawing test, separation test and hardness test, quality is our assurance.

We welcome any inquiries regarding clad material and will do our best to conform to your requirements and standards.




2 Ply 2 Ply
AL + S/S 430
Overall Thickness: 1.5mm - 1.9mm
S/S 430 (Induction Compatible Stainless Steel)
AL (High Thermal Conductivity Aluminum)
3 Ply

3 Ply
S/S 304 + AL + S/S 430
Overall Thickness: 2.0mm - 3.5mm
S/S304 (High grade/Food grade Stainless Steel)
S/S430 (Induction Compatible Stainless Steel)
AL (High Thermal Conductivity Aluminum)

5 Ply

5 Ply
S/S 304 + AL 3PLY + S/S 430

Overall Thickness: 2.0mm - 3.5mm
S/S 304 (High grade/Food grade Stainless Steel)
S/S 430 (Induction Compatible Stainless Steel)
AL (High Thermal Conductivity Aluminum)

7 Ply

7 Ply
S/S 304 + 5 Ply AL + S/S 430
Overall Thickness: 2.0mm - 3.5mm
S/S 304 (High grade/Food grade Stainless Steel)
S/S 430 (Induction Compatible Stainless Steel)
AL (High Thermal Conductivity Aluminum)



Metals Available

- Stainless Steel AISI 304
- Stainless Steel AISI 430
- Aluminium Alloy 1050
- Aluminium Alloy 3003

- Titanium

Rapporto di Prova emesso da TÜV Rheinland Italia S.r.l.
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Dimensioni disponibili


135mm   RN22
320mm   RN37 495mm  
RN2 144mm   RN23 325mm   RE20 525mm  
RN3 155mm   RN24 330mm   RN38 540mm  
RN4 175mm   RE6 335mm        
RN5 180mm   RE18 340mm        
RN6 189mm   RE17 345mm        
RN7 190mm   RN25 350mm        
RN8 200mm   RE7 356mm        
RN9 208mm   RN26 360mm        
RN10 210mm   RN27 365mm        
RN11 215mm   RE8 370mm        
RN12 220mm   RN28 380mm        
RN13 225mm   RN29 385mm        
RN39 230mm   RE14 390mm        
RN14 240mm   RE23 395mm        
RN15 250mm   RN31 403mm        
RE1 255mm   RE12 410mm        
RN16 265mm   RE16 417mm        
RE19 270mm   RE22 420mm        
RN17 275mm   RE9 425mm        
RE2 280mm   RN32 427mm        
RN18 285mm   RN33 435mm        
RE3 290mm   RE10 440mm        
RN19 295mm   RN34 445mm        
RE4 300mm   RE11 450mm        
RN20 305mm   RN35 455mm        
RE5 310mm   RE13 465mm        
RN21 315mm   RE15 480mm        


S1 200x245mm  
S2 235x255mm  
S3 245x245mm  
S4 255x255mm  
S5 275x275mm  
S6 315x230mm  
S7 345x260mm  
S8 300x300mm  
S9 325x325mm  
S10 335x335mm  
S11 340x340mm  
S12 380x380mm  
S13 390x390mm  
S14 417x417mm  
S15 425x425mm  
S16 433x433mm  
S17 450x450mm  
S18 480x480mm  

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